How to Use a Singing Bowl

Singing bowls have a lot of use, such as purifying and energizing you, purifying your water into much healthier water, and purify and sweeten your food. But the main use of the SSI singing bowl is to purify and energize you and get rid of all the negative vibes and undesirable energy. When hearing the sounds of the instrument, you can feel the negativity and undesirable energy being removed and replaced with a positive and calm aura. It will leave your body purified and filled with positive energy.

Using the Singing Bowls for Purification of the Body

Singing bowls are used differently and uniquely by a lot of people. Some prefer to use it during sessions and scheduled times, while other prefer to use it whenever they feel a negative vibe and undesirable energy flowing within their body. In an article on the internet, a user of singing bowls explained and shared that she likes to tap or ring the singing bowls with a pattern. Her main intention of using the singing bowls is to get rid of negative energy. She references the pattern of the negative energy and uses it to tap the singing bowls. Personally, she taps the first singing bowl three times to allow each reverberation to complete its cycle before it taps to the next one.

Using the Singing Bowls for Purification of Other Materials

Singing Bowls are not only used to purify and get rid of the negative and undesirable energy from the body, the singing bowls are also used to purify other materials such as food and beverages. Another user explains in her article she also uses her singing bowls to purify her food and beverages. She shared on her article tips on how to purify chemical filled water into a more healthy and sweet water. You can purify water using singing bowls but it is not recommended to pour the water directly into the singing bowls as the chemicals found in water may ruin or even destroy your singing bowls as singing bowls are made with materials which do not go well with water. You can use a cup, glass, or most preferably a sports water bottle filled with the water and put it inside the singing bowl. When you ring the singing bowl, the singing bowl simply rotates the bottle and will counteract the bitterness of the water, making it sweet and healthy. For food, the sound waves reverberates it to a more purified and healthy meal. Check out for more info.